Anna Boskovski is a
graphic designer & art director
in NYC.

Döner Kebab at Turk’s Inn

Poster series highlighting menu items at The Turk’s Inn Doner Kebab Kiosk in Bushwick. Imagery inspired by American fast food advertising; color palette and graphic approach influenced by Turkish grocery store items.
Role: art direction, photo production, set design, graphic design

Fast Company Magazine: Recommender

“Spring Break” story for Fast Company Magazine’s Recommender section, March 2020.
Role: art direction & prop styling

The Turk’s Inn

Editorial images for The Turk’s Inn.

Role: art direction, set design, styling


2015-2018. Clothes for closets, not landfills. Made of recycled and natural materials. Ethically sourced and produced in NYC.

Role: founder, designer, creative director


Logo and website redesign for the greatest little bar in Brooklyn. Launching soon.

Role: art direction, web design, graphic design in collaboration with Casey Courtney